Hosted Exchange

As a business professional you’re under pressure to cut costs, streamline your business, become more productive and efficient, whilst making yourself more available to clients and colleagues.

Office 365

Office 365 gives you the freedom to be productive wherever, whenever, using familiar Office apps. With the ability to easily access, edit and share your files from any device, you can get work done in the office and on the go, online or offline.

Proactive Support

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SoHo iT Solutions

SoHo iT Solutions is a Managed IT Service Provider. Offering IT Support Services in Edinburgh, The Lothians and The Scottish Borders.

Currently offering Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Proactive IT Maintenance contracts and Break-fix solutions to suit your business needs.


Contact Details

0333 090 1977

Registered Office
14-15 Main Street
Longniddry EH32 0NF

Any Questions

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